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I'm a journalist from San Francisco

Determining the most reliable scholarly institution is clearly the most paramount resolution in one’s career

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Open uri20160701 29706 1cnkqcl article

Deadpool: movie review

We’re just six weeks into 2016, and we already have our first superhero movie. (We’ll see at least a half-dozen more this year. Brace yourself.) But Deadpool isn’t your grandpa’s superhero movie....

Open uri20160701 29706 15tashl article

How To Make a Homemade Deadpool Halloween Costume

How to make a Deadpool costume yourself for Halloween. Deadpool is an antihero comic book character and he knows the X-Men, the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D & more. Looking for a superhero costume, Deadpoo...

Open uri20160701 29706 4ytgqj article

Movie Review: Deadpool (No Spoilers)

My review of the superhero(?) action/comedy film Deadpool without spoilers....

Open uri20160701 29706 lft007 article

Movie Discussion: Deadpool and Deadpool 2 (Spoilers)

I discuss the film Deadpool, it's effects to Fox and other superhero franchises, and thoughts towards its sequel(s)....

Open uri20160701 29706 10ku6wa article

Movie Review: Deadpool (2016): "Time to be a F@#%^# Superhero"

A mercenary becomes the anti-hero Deadpool after volunteering for a dangerous experiment that grants him enhanced reflexes and the ability to heal at an accelerated rate....

Open uri20160701 29706 11jv4u8 article

Deadpool, the Perfect Valentine's Day Date Movie

Bursting from the pages of Marvel Comics and splashing down on the Silver Screen, the Deadpool for whom we've been looking finally shows up and gives us what for!...

Open uri20160701 29706 18ycymk article

Clever and Fun Names for Your Hair Styling Business

Find some cute, fun and original names for your hair salon or hairdressing business Dreaming of opening your own hair salon? Or have the task of finding a unique new name for your hairdressing business? Look no further. This article is chock full......

Open uri20160701 29706 jrjto0 article

Hollywood Nepotism or famous families, coppola, sheen etc

How many hollywood careers have got a leg up from a famous relative? Find out here....

Open uri20160701 29706 1szblsz article

The 15 Most Beautiful Dark Skinned Black Celebrities of All Time

These dark skinned Black beauties refuse to let the fair skinned societal beauty standards detract from their innate beauty, talent, and self-worth as Black women. They exemplify Blackness as beauty....

Open uri20160701 29706 125a7k9 article

Sherlock Holmes - on the Screen

A chronology of Sherlock Holmes movies, with facts, photos, posters and ratings....

Open uri20160701 3483 12llzoo article

75 Richest Actresses in Hollywood Today

Actresses in Hollywood have come a long way since the dawn of movies, as has the amount of money that they can earn in the toughest industry in the world. Here are the richest of them all....

Open uri20160701 3483 1gcpdbv article

The Top Asian Stars in Hollywood

Today, many established Asian stars are populating Hollywood in television and film. Although only a handful of Asian actors are in lead roles, most are in supporting roles which is an important member of the cast. Here are some of the Asian......

Open uri20160701 3483 ec1yae article

Movie Review: Deadpool (2016)

The Merc with a Mouth makes his big screen debut... properly this time....

Open uri20160701 3483 1jt3fl7 article

Real Life Soap Opera Star Couples

Who hasn't gotten addicted to a soap opera in their lifetime? If you are like me you get so attached to some characters while totally despising others. But have you ever seen any of your favorite actor/actresses in real life, on a talk show or in......

Open uri20160701 3483 29l17z article

Capsule Thoughts: Southbound, Deadpool, Pride + Prejudice + Zombies, JeruZalem

Been slacking with my writing. Here are some capsule reviews to catch up on what I've seen since my last 2016 review...